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Honestly, for the most of the members of this forum this information is completely useless, they can't and won't be able to use it. But for Title Page fetishists I think it's ok. You know, I like fapping on title pages of big studio scripts, so I think it doesn't hurt to post it :)
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Uhhh, speak for yourself. You don't have this yet? What is this, amateur hour?View attachment 6719
To be completely honest even if I could get it I likely would not try to get it as I am not enough of a fan of Laddis's work to waste the trade bait it would likely take to do that deal. He has written nothing thus far that has jumped out at me as worthy of doubling down on and I do not have enough rarities at the industry level to waste scripts on random titles I have no real interest in unless it is absolutely necessary to do so for work related reasons. My cover posts may seem impressive on this end but in reality it is really quite average and commonly shared stuff on the other side. I only get to occasionally play at the "big boy" park because my boss is a baller and everything he gets comes through my desk-email first less a few scripts he got handed to him directly. Even then he usually tosses that stuff my way because he does not want to read the scripts himself. The Power Rangers disclaimer page I posted is a good example of that because I had to retype that page due to watermarking. If your on the other end I am connected and that is about it. I get by because I am a bit creative and go out of my way to find random titles nobody else would waste the time to try and find. I have no problem putting in the effort as it helps my reputation and makes my job that much easier when my boss makes a really stupid and random script fetch request. Like any work drive my most obvious available titles are mostly all company titles I cannot do a thing with even at the industry level. I have to be very selective of what I spend my script currency on because of that. Amateur no but AAA level for sure so thanks for the reality check and I do hope your having a good day.
I honestly do not expect it to leave the watermarked swap lists at this point as all the biggest titles have been showing up that way as of late. Less a few surprises like this seconds old bit of nonsense which is hardly a tentpole. Just to give you an idea of what is and is not going out watermark free:
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Why did I expect a new reboot of Mortal Kombat to be made.
Cool. I'm still trying to get that Venom Carnage draft from my old source from WTR times. Hope it'll happen anytime soon to have some big toys to trade.
Did you ever get that draft of venom/carnage?

I still think it's not the best title. I think it should have just been Venom