Scripts you think are genius... While others may not.

The Bourne Identity. The conflict between Conklin and Abbott. The dialogue between Marie and Bourne. Pacing. All fantastic.

My second choice, The Big Lebowski. For whatever reason the average moviegoer will say this movie stinks.
I like Jurassic Park. A lot of people say the movie is nothing like the book. I agree with them. I also point out that if they made the book directly into a movie, the movie would be 27 1/2 hours long and that's a long time to hold a pee.
UNBREAKABLE was a total mindfuck the first time I read it.
The hype was so LOUD around M. Night. He certainly delivered.

I loved the Charlie Kaufman wave of the late 90's/early 00's.
A lot of weird casting ruined genuinely awesome scripts like THE PRESTIGE, EVERYTHING MUST GO or STRANGER THAN FICTION.
There was also the Sandler-ization of fantastic concept scripts.