Movie Halloween Sequels

That gave me a chuckle. Poor Ben Tramer. Dude's only name-dropped in the first flick, then gets crushed by a squad car and immolated in the second -- and we never even got to see his face! We'll never know what Laurie saw in him...
Hahaha, they can make one similar to Roy in Friday the 13th part 5, where Ben turns out not to be dead, but comes back, killing people as Michael.
It sounds a lot like a script I wrote to ease my frustration towards the dreadful film that was Halloween Resurrection. Only it takes place after the events of Resurrection and follows Lindsay and Tommy's characters as adults. The three boys (also now adults) that bullied Tommy as a child (in the original Halloween) are in it as well. I finished it a few years ago, and then the reboot of The Town that Dreaded Sundown came out and it was SOOO similar to what I wrote, I was like... WHAAA?! -- Anyways, Etchison's script sounds a lot like the reboot of TTTDS. I would love to read it, because it sounds like it could still work in this day and age... I mean look what the latest Ouija sequel did.
Etchison's ideas seem to match up with I would've done for a sequel. As much as I love Halloween 4, I am more fascinated by the ideas presented in Etchison's script. The main reason being that Michael returning as a supernatural entity makes him what Tommy called him in the original... The Boogeyman.
Also, I find it ironic that Etchison also worked on a script for Ulli Lommel's Boogeyman II. Hopefully we can read that some day.