Movie First Reformed by Paul Schrader

Still just the First Draft floating around as far as I know. Haven't gotten to see the film yet, but it must be pretty close to the final draft given that almost all of the dialogue (and in some cases exact shots) from the trailer are in it.
What a brilliant film! It was almost reminiscent of Bergman or Tarkovsky, but in a modern day approach.
I can't wait to see this script surface!
I mean he wanted to
commit suicide by blowing himself up, and in the process take the head of a generic evil corp with him, not counting the innocent church goers
. And apparently felled compelled to do so by God, or his believes. But because of Mary's presence he didn't go through with it. However, he felt that was going against God's whishes and so he took to an act of religious self mutilation. Mary then came in and 'saved him'.

I don't care for Paul Schader's idea. What I see is some half-assed attempt at Christian symbolism mixed in with some environmentalist message. Again, the look of the movie and the acting is good. But the reverends motivation for what he set out to do is pretty much non existent (just doing a little desk research on enviornmental issues, what out of guilt? after Mary's husband did himself in) - and goes radically against his character's religious believes. And well, calling Seyfried's character Mary is just too much - I also noticed a possible ambiguity about how she became pregnant, because her husband, if I recall correctly, just got out of jail, and he was in jail in Canada I think, they may not have seen eachother for a long time.

But the mood and atmosphere draw the viewer away from the storytelling issues, I give Schader that, still they are there.