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William Broyles Jr.
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Shooting Draft
Does anyone have a draft of Cast Away that's later than the 3-13-98 draft that we all have? Something closer to the film.
There is a 4.1.97. I wonder how much that differs from the film? How much does the 3.13 differ from the film?
No idea

But yes I’m aware of the April ‘97 draft but the only later one I’ve seen is at the Herrick or in that book

Unless the one on SF is a later draft though I doubt it and I think you’ve convinced us not to ask them for anything at the moment lol
The draft we had was a bit different from the film. I haven't read the entire thing yet, but one scene that really differs is the plane crash scene. They cut back and forth between the outside of the plane and some command center, and you don't get as intense of a scene.